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A-10R503 SOLO


MA-32 R503

MA-33M R582

MA-34 R912 Ranger

MA-33M R912

MA-33MRG 582 Floats

MA-34R912S Beaver


MA-34 R582 XB

MA-35 CargoLite
The Antares single place and two place trikes were originally developed for sport competition in Europe. Since then Antares trikes have been refined for recreational and instructional use. Still, Antares trikes are used as crop dusters, banner tows, glider tows, and for other practical applications. The Antares can be flown with wheels, floats, or snow skis. There are over three hundred Antares flying worldwide. All models are available as complete, ready to fly aircraft and a 51% kit can be built and registered as an Experimental Aircraft in the USA.

The airframe design is simple yet rugged consisting of a horizontal fuselage tube and two vertical tubes bolted together with hefty titanium plates. The nose gear yoke is a titanium frame with a dual spring suspension and disk brake. The main landing gear is a simple but extremely strong composite bow. The rear wheels are each encased by fiberglass wheel pants. The pilot is protected by a strong aerodynamic fiberglass cowling. Each occupant sits in a comfortable padded seat and is held in place by lap and shoulder belts. The engine is mounted with shock mounts on a strong rail type frame. A foot and hand throttle for the front seat occupant and a foot throttle for the back seat occupant are provided. The trike is steerable on the ground from both the front and rear seats. There is a standard instrument package with room on the panel for additional instruments as desired (or required if the trike is to be built and registered with the FAA as an Experimental aircraft).

The Antares two seat airframe is well matched with three reliable Rotax engines: the economical air cooled 503 2-stroke, the powerful water cooled 582 2-stroke, and the 912 or 912S 4-stroke. The HKS 4-stroke engine also works very well and is available as an option.

Just as the airframe is designed for durability and use in any environment (from Arctic ice to tropical beaches), it is also designed to be easily disassembled for storage or transport. The Qwik-Fold Kit makes raising and lowering the wing a virtually effortless one-handed operation.

The two seat trike is eight feet three inches long and six feet ten inches wide from wheel to wheel with the wing removed. The trike and wing (13-feet long in the bag) can easily be stored in the corner of your two car garage!

Antares proudly offers the Aeros line of trike wings: Still-17, Stream-16, Stranger 2 and Profi and also Aerossa wings: Sprinter-15, topless Stratos, and topless Stratos-13. These wings provide the flight characteristics that pilots, from novice to expert or professional, desire for full enjoyment of their aircraft. It is possible, however, to use other wings on Antares trikes (adaptation of other wings may require modification of the hang block and/or adjustment of control bar position.)

The Antares was inspected by the FAA and was the first trike added to the FAA's Amateur Built Aircraft List allowing you, the builder, to assemble the wing and trike then register the aircraft with the FAA as an Experimental homebuilt aircraft. For more information on Amateur Built Aircraft, visit

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